Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's been a crazy couple of weeks.We've had out of town company so there has been fishing, beach combing and even gold panning. The bead table is in a controlled chaos state, three different projects going on at once. This is Coco, a dog portrait order. She has been a real challenge, she's brown with a brown nose, brown eyes, and even a brown collar. This is my third try, the first was hopeless, in the second one she looked like a yak, but this one is turning out okay. The second order is these Tlingit lovebirds for motorcycle gloves.The pattern is from the customers family so I don't have to sweat the design, just do the beading. Sometimes that easier.
Finally, I'm working on some more seagulls for my series. Found a old copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull that I've been wanting to re-read but can't seem to find the time. And it's a short book!

I'm so loving doing all the seagulls! It's fun to be excited about your projects. Of course it doesn't always correspond with how others feel about your work.  I sent an application off to the Juneau Museum for a solo show there. I didn't get it, just can't seem to break into the museum scene. Maybe the beadwork doesn't fit the criteria. Oh well, I'll keep trying...