Monday, January 17, 2011


  I'm doing a class at Gigs, (in March) the owner of the local bead store,  Gig's Beads and Things . About once a year I try to do this, although I'm definitely more comfortable at the lone bead table rather than  teaching. I confess to being a nervous public speaker. You would think I would be over that by now.  These little pins are what I came up with, fun, pretty easy, but with the ability to interject  lots of creativity. The smallness of the pins really started to distract me, I have to get back to my orders, but it's fun to make things that go quickly, ahh, instant gratification, at least in bead time!    My simple observation this week is the ice on our little pond. Again I think I can somehow work the semi-transparent thing into my beadwork, I'm always looking for that angle.

Monday, January 10, 2011


To start out 2011 with something different I thought I would begin a simple observation Monday. Making observations on things that catch my eye and have an artistic impact. My first one will be this picture I took today of the gallery ceiling. I thought the way the shadow of the stain glass window was hitting the beaded curtains and then the wall was very interesting and possibly something I could use in a future piece of beadwork. A triple shadow! Cool...
Also including a picture of the ROSES/BUTTERFLIES piece. Finished all the flowers, greenery, and butterflies and now am moving on to the background. Yea, progress!