Wednesday, December 13, 2017


I've hesitated to write this down, I'm not sure why except that it feels like you are exposing some dark secret or something. I'm sure that's how many of the women of the "Me Too" movement also feel, but I wanted to add my voice in solidarity. So without going into detail, ( because that would be way too weird ) sexual abuse affected my adolescence. In many ways it actually shaped my life and sent me to my refuge, Alaska. I feel like sewing beads was another refuge of sorts. When all else fails, get out the beadwork and plug in. We were going through some old pictures of our younger years, and in all the photos the cloth with the beads on the table is a constant companion. Life at the bead table has had it's ups and down but I'm always grateful for it and feel lucky to have found my calling.

Thursday, November 23, 2017


On this Thanksgiving 2017, I just have to ask: Who are you Mountain View California? And thanks for your interest over the years!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Wow! It is the most beautiful halloween day I think I have ever seen around here. Almost balmy, so great for the kids to have green grass and no frigid winds for their candy trek. On to the beadwork. Thank you to everyone for giving an opinion on the pond water. It turns out I did go with the majority. The clear turquoise won by a hair, it was close but it ultimately came down to the the mood I wanted to create and I felt the darker shades had a more watery pond feeling. If that makes any sense. The beadwork has been turned over to Robert and you can see he is working on making it into a bag. We decided on the camo leather. Also, a picture of my current project ( the dark underbelly of beadwork in honor of halloween ). Yes it is another lynx order, they are very popular this year. I remember when people were all about the wolves. Thank goodness fur doesn't intimidate me anymore.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Last piece of the puzzle on my "Our Lady of the Pond and her cat Bob" piece.  I went a little crazy. It started with the idea of a turtle dress, and then gold turtle earrings, a turtle head band and a swimming turtle. Fun to just relax with a no pressure/ not an order piece. So I need your opinions, what color should the pond water be? Do you like the pale blues on the left or the clear turquoise shades on the right?

Monday, August 7, 2017


YAY! THE LYNX IS DONE!! I really like this one. The purple mountain and water makes me happy even though the wave pattern in small beads took forever! A bit of a departure from reality adds a nice touch. This is one that really needs to be seen in person. I'll keep it in the gallery for one more day and then off it goes in the mail. The colors are so rich. The overcast day does make for good picture taking so I had to throw in a shot of my lilies. This wet summer really made them spectacular.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I've just sent the first box off to Santa Fe. If you are going to be there for Indian Market (August 18,19,20 ) Vivi will have my work at the Hotel ELDORADO.  I'm working away on my Lynx and hope to have him go out with the second wave of stuff going down. It is so hard not to get distracted by summer though...

Sunday, June 11, 2017


Simply enjoying life as things get green.    Having a great time with the family, getting the garden in, king fishing, morel mushroom picking, laughing and trying to do the jumping in the picture thing. Right now I'm working on some small cuffs and demonstrating the "how to" on these Nunn cuffs in the gallery. I have the bracelet blanks and material available if you want to make your own. But mainly I'm just breathing in the summer air and feeling lucky.