Friday, December 31, 2010


Checked the mail today and there was a letter from the Anchorage Museum of Art. I got all nervous with the anticipation and fear of rejection.  But it was just a form letter saying they haven't decided yet. We were suppose to know who was chosen for the solo show by the end of December but they moved the decision up to the end of January. Reminded me of how much I really would like to get this. I shouldn't get my hopes up, there are so many talented artist out there, but it's hard not to. Oh well, one more month and I can put it behind me or dive in depending on how it all plays out. So, hope you are all feeling great about 2011. I'm sure it will be a good year!

Friday, December 24, 2010


Crazy the cat, sleeps soundly on heated tiles by the wood stove.
Robert naps on the couch.
The white rabbits are plentiful, leaving tracks where ever they go.
Happy full coyotes pause in the pull-off, showing off their lush coats,

and the moose have an easy winter with only 5 inches of snow...
Peace on earth, good will to all, Merry, Merry, Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Winter is long and dark but this being Solstice, tomorrow we'll start gaining daylight again. The weather's been bitter cold lately, the inlet has turned to slush and the waves look like they are in slow motion, a strange sight to see. It was fun watching the eclipse last night. I was surprised at how many hours it took for the shadow to cover the moon and then uncover it. The good news is, besides the eclipse, this time of year there are no distraction. So, I've started filling orders. The bread and butter of the beadwork business, not always my favorite subject matter or color scheme but thank goodness for people who want to buy beaded bags! The piece I'm working on is roses, flowers, and butterflies. Yes it's been done, but I try to put a lot of creativity and spice into every piece. Also, finished my little hand piece for the breast cancer quilt. Getting things done, I love it, soon the new year will be here and I''ll have a little cleaner slate to start with. So, instead of lamenting the lack of sun and missing summer on this, the shortest day of the year, I count my blessings. I'm so glad to have orders to fill and time to sit at the bead table...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


So much is going on! I wanted to get a few pieces sent to the Santa Fe gallery for the holiday so I've been working over time to get things done and in the mail. You have to give them at least two weeks to try and sell the stuff, Christmas is usually a good time for moving the beadwork wares... Also trying to get everything sent to friends and family who happen to be all over the country. And I'm baking, baking, and foolishly eating every moose leg, bear head and coyote tail that breaks off of the sugar cookies that deliciously melt in your mouth. Anyway, tomorrow everything goes in the mail so I can take it down a notch and stop eating cookies!