Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Trying to take pictures of the beadwork today. Wanted it to be all artsy with nature as the background. Only one problem... as soon as I'm out and about, Crazy, my cat, wants to join the photo shoot.  She's pesky but lots of fun and full of mischief!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Had a wonderful day in the gallery! I had two very interesting women come in. One of them bought my "Day of the Dead Tie". This is so great because it's been around awhile. You know, when you have a piece that you are working on, that you think is really cool and inventive but then no one else seems to get it. This was one of those pieces. I thought the skeletons were so graphic, and loved the way I put the raven skull at the top. Roses and a swirly night sky, what could be better! Well, the reception to this piece was luke warm. So it doesn't sell and it doesn't sell, hence the name, family heirlooms. These are the pieces that become part of my permanent collection, until, the right person comes along and takes them off my hands. I was actually was quite fond of the tie, not true of all family heirlooms, but I'm very glad to have it out there in the world. The moral of the story is never let the fear of an unpopular subject matter stop you from trying something different. Bead for yourself and the world will follow, or not...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, this is the piece I'm currently working on. 
I'm not at all sure about it, I may have gotten carried away with trying to blend the colors to make it look like fur.There are about 10 different grays alone! And then there's the direction you lay the beads. This way and that way to make it look wind blown, urr,  I don't know, it will probably come together when I get the background in there, although clouds can be problematic themselves. This piece is vexing me... Does this wolf look muddled?

Sunday, June 13, 2010


My god I'm wiped out. Summertime. Have to get out an enjoy the weather, get the garden going, keep the garden going, weeding, weeding weeding. But back to the bead table, I'm working on the show for Santa Fe in August, keeping the gallery running and trying to fill  orders. This piece was ordered like this." lots of flowers, some butterflies, colors should be reds, pinks, blues, golds, and a black background." Pretty specific but also kind of vague. This is what I came up with, do you think it fits the bill? The customer hasn't seen it yet, but I think she will be pleased, there is always that waiting for the check to come, orders can be tricky...