Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, this is the piece I'm currently working on. 
I'm not at all sure about it, I may have gotten carried away with trying to blend the colors to make it look like fur.There are about 10 different grays alone! And then there's the direction you lay the beads. This way and that way to make it look wind blown, urr,  I don't know, it will probably come together when I get the background in there, although clouds can be problematic themselves. This piece is vexing me... Does this wolf look muddled?


  1. This wolf looks Perfect! You are amazing. I featured you on my blog and posted a link to your blog. You are one of the best bead artists I have ever seen. That wolf is outstanding. You made beading fur look easy!

  2. Are you kidding me!! He looks beautiful!!!!! The blending of the colors is's fur for sure!!! Just beautiful work!!!

  3. Your bead art is amazingly detailed and color highlighted/shaded. I haven't read the rest of your blog yet. I am hoping you will answer a few questions, either personally or perhaps in a blog post.

    First, your work is so artistic. Do you freehand draw the picture then bead it?

    Looking at a closeup of the wolf, it appears that you use large beads, or do you use a mixture of sizes.

    Your art seems to have a native background and skill. It reminds me of some of the Indian work I have seen. Are you of Indian heritage or maybe taken lessons?

    Your beading is true art and unbelievably beautiful and detailed. You are a wonderful artist.
    Warmest Regards.

  4. it's gorgeous - just gorgeous