Monday, January 23, 2012


The year of the dragon, hope that's a good thing. Here's a dragon teapot that belonged to the grandmother of my husband and I thought it would make a good piece of beadwork. The color of the tablecloth is that periwinkle blue that I really like and use a lot. It's a little washed out in this picture. So anyhow the other day I found this vase ( at Salvation Army ) that is the periwinkle color, I thought that was unusual so I grabbed it. When I cleaned it up and got all the many stickers off the bottom, it said Yalos Casa Murano on the bottom. I know Murano is the famous town in Italy that is known for glass making. Does anyone recognize this vase or know anything about it. I bought it because it reminded me of a favorite bead color but now I think it might be a find! FUN

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Here's the finish piece. One down and five to go! This is because I'm doing three pieces that are looking east (up river) and three pieces looking west (towards the mouth of the river). The east looking sides will be the morning high tide and the west looking sides will be the evening high tide. These pieces will be free standing two sided bags but will be viewed all together. I'm very excited to be making an installation piece and feel like it's going to come together quite well.  The one thing I wanted to say about this piece is about the net. I'm a Nymo bead thread user from way back, but with the net I used the Fireline. Really good stuff, you can get a sculptural quality with it. Unfortunately it's to expensive to use all the time.
I wanted to put a little whimsy in each piece so in this one I did the little seagull fisherman. It feels good to have one under my belt, I'll start beading a new one tomorrow...