Monday, January 23, 2012


The year of the dragon, hope that's a good thing. Here's a dragon teapot that belonged to the grandmother of my husband and I thought it would make a good piece of beadwork. The color of the tablecloth is that periwinkle blue that I really like and use a lot. It's a little washed out in this picture. So anyhow the other day I found this vase ( at Salvation Army ) that is the periwinkle color, I thought that was unusual so I grabbed it. When I cleaned it up and got all the many stickers off the bottom, it said Yalos Casa Murano on the bottom. I know Murano is the famous town in Italy that is known for glass making. Does anyone recognize this vase or know anything about it. I bought it because it reminded me of a favorite bead color but now I think it might be a find! FUN


  1. I just googled Murano and the prices that came up suggest that you scored indeed. I agree that is a wonderful color!

  2. Yes I finally found one that looked like it on a site, but they wanted the c.c. number to tell me what it's worth so I didn't do it. I really like it though, it's so pretty!

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