Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Okay, I'm having a really hard time deciding on a background color for my octopus.  I love him so I want it to be right. It's drawn in a green/blue turquoise but I think I might like the navy. Or the sparkle antique blue. Or the Montana blue.  Please let me know what you like! I'm starting on my next piece and putting this on hold until I get some feed back. Thank you!!!
1. antique cut glass blue

2.dark green turquoise

3. montana blue

4. medium transparent blue

5. navy blue

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Robert said to me" Take a break, you've been working awfully long hours." 
I do tend to put the nose to the grindstone when I have a show coming up. I had to get some big orders out of the way and now I'm concentrating on my new line. " What kind of life is this, sewing, sewing, sewing?" he asked.

It got me to thinking that, in a way, it is exactly what I wished for. In the 1970's in Juneau, I would walk to the B.M. Berands Bank where I worked as a key puncher. Everyday I passed this place and I would peer in the window of Nina's Originals. She made fantastical coats and hat out of leather that was laced together and trimmed with fur and feathers. You could see her work station with all the leather laid out, her desk with day to day business and  her small tv. I thought that must be a pretty fine way to go. And it is. It turns out after many years of the broke artist life, living in ramshackle cabins, hauling water and wood and no electricity, I'm finally living the high life like Nina. A dynamite work environment where I can create my pieces and I even have the little tv to keep myself entertained while I do it. Funny how things turn out. Anyhow, it got me curious so I did some poking around and this is what I found. There was one picture of a coat she made at a Juneau Museum site but( not allowed to share.) If anyone out there has a photo of her work or store, it would be brilliant to see!  Here is the loon dress that I did way back in the Juneau days, and I realize I was experimenting around with the lacing techniques she used.  I don't know if her work was an influence but her work life did make me target a goal.

 End of the Trail
Notices in this section are limited to names of those who have achieved pioneer status through many years in the North, or who are otherwise of unquestioned importance in the daily scene.

Nina Emily Chapman, 76,a Juneau businesswoman since 1946. died there January 30. She designed and patented Nina's Originals. Alaska coats and accessories sold throughout the United States, Her daughter. Nina Dawn Baldwin, now runs the Nina's Originals shop In Juneau. [June1981]
Ronda Mann modeling Loon Dress

cabin at 9 mile

young me at the cabin

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Happy New Year to all! I can't believe how quickly 2016 went by, it seems that what people always say about the older you get, the fastest it goes is true. I put the "Our Lady" bag in the mail today. It feels good to have a clean slate on the bead table. These big bags that take a while to make are a fantastic finished project but I can never see them with a fresh eye.  I put a picture of me with the bag so you can see just how big it is. I know it's good and I hope my customer will love it, but it would be nice to appreciate the work without the "I'm sick of it" factor involved. One thing I was truly happy with was her expression. It only takes one bead to make the difference in a smile, and I think she has just the right look. Almost Mona Lisa...