Monday, May 31, 2010


Memorial day weekend is the official start to the crazy fish chasing summer that goes on around here. King salmon season opens, people pore down to the peninsula hoping to catch the big one. Good luck to all the anglers! This major influx of bodies are not really beadwork buyers but it does bring a small bevy of curious people into the gallery. I get comments like, "nice to see some Alaskan art that's not made in China." Yesterday I had a couple who were marble makers from Virgina. I learned briefly about the process of marble making, heard tales of the marble convention they would be attending soon and we commented on how much in common marbles have with beads, but alas no holes. They gave me some samples, I gave them some volcano ash (from Mt. Reboubt exploding last year) to use in their molten glass, they bought THE BLUE BEAD BOOK and left. I'm glad to have the galley and these little interactions during the day. The bead table can be a very isolated place. It takes many, many long hours to make great beadwork and distractions are welcome. So on that note, Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all the troops, now and in the past!


  1. Happy Memorial Day from my bead table in Flintstone, GA. Your work is outstanding. I love how you paint with beads.

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