Saturday, September 25, 2010


A quick word about the next step in the process of getting the individual show. 20 pictures. Got to represent!! So, what I'm realizing is that I have so many bad, bad pictures. Beaders are not photographers. But, as artist, we have to market ourselves, so we better learn. Here is an example of a blurry picture of a wonderful piece.  I got distracted by the lilies. Alas that ship has sailed.  I mean being able to use this as an example of my beadwork.  Take good pictures!!!!  You never know when you are going to need them.


  1. Even blury the work is superb. Good backdrop with the lillies though. Their color really makes yours pop.

  2. How true..I often say I'm a fiber artists and not a photographer..but I'm sure not having good pics can prevent us from getting into shows, exhibits or just have people appreciate our work!

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