Monday, October 11, 2010


The application for the solo show has been sent in! Yea, that's done. They let people know at the end of December, so I can move on and think about other things. Wanted to challenge myself so I'm trying to do things I consider difficult, like sheer curtains, clear glass, reflective surfaces. I drew this still life up and started on it but I can see it's missing something. I could go simple and put another small item on the table. Maybe a pair of glasses?  But I'm thinking of adding a hand up close, another major challenge for me. Hands are hard! Maybe then some nail polish on the table???  Any suggestions? Added some how-to stuff on this piece since I'm just beginning and you can see the process. I like using a hoop but know lots of beaders who don't. The thread is Nymo, size B and size 0. The beads are size 16 to size 11. I mix them around, using the small ones where I need detail.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing your process here. I know you had mentioned before using the paper pattern that you bead through. Interesting approach. I too use a hoop..I feel it keep my work taut while beading and therefore no distortion. Thanks again, Kate!

  2. Hi Kate
    I have never seen this method of beading on a paper pattern before. Thanks for showing how its done.

  3. how about a pair of gloves that are behind the vase and then going a little bit into the empty space on the left of the foreground? maybe with some nordic detail? I like the idea of the scene outside the window being winter, and the pretty spring-like flowers inside where it is cozy, gloves off tells a little more of the story?