Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Tomorrow is the first day of the Chinese year of the rabbit. The predictions are not great, something about the rabbit being wood and that clashes with the fact that 2011 is a metal year. Could be some turmoil, seems like that might be true, but I choose to think more literal. It really is the year of the rabbit around here. The are so many of them, I've seen 9 of the cute little guys in the yard all at once hopping about. The shear numbers intimidate my cat which is highly unusual for her. Unfortunately I can't get a good picture because they don't come out until dusk and they are very white, so with the snow they just blend in. Here is  a picture of a trail. I was thinking about it and I believe I've only beaded one rabbit and he was a desert hare. I'll have to design a piece with one of our short eared inhabitants, they are so sweet!


  1. I just love clicking on your pictures to get a closeup of your wonderful workmanship!!! This is another great piece. I agree with Beth..this is beautiful!