Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Awhile back I did the blue butterflies and I really liked them. Thought they looked great with red so I designed this bag with that in mind. It's an example of doing certain elements of the same  design twice, sort of perfecting it. Then because I liked the simplicity of the big flowers I decided to do another one the same shape and with big up close flowers. I chose tulips because they are my favorite spring flower, the shape is so classic. My tulips haven't come up yet, but I am a little worried about them because we have soooooo many rabbits this year! The little guys have already eaten all the fresh chive sprouts and every other bit of greenery that is popping up!


  1. They make you so mad, but they are so darned cute!

  2. Your bags are spectacular! My parents lost most of their plants to the deer and rabbits too :(

  3. Kate, your bags are WONDERFUL!!! I love the contrast of the red and blue!! Just beautiful!