Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So here's how the sand came out. Mixed all the colors together and then I attached them two or three beads at a time. I tried to be random but I ended up choosing the colors, just couldn't let it be. I like it but will probably try something different on the next piece. If any of you know a good source for sand colored beads or dirty water colored beads, let me know!
On another subject, the audit went fine, I was really nervous, the man was official but nice and it looks like I'm doing okay with my bookkeeping.  Kate's Gallery will be opening up in the spring and things will be business as usual. Whew...


  1. Those darn auditors scare the heck out of you for no reason!!

    I love your latest piece. I am always amazed at the perfection in the way you lay the beads for texture and movement. Wonderful.

  2. You are amazing. The sand and the perfectly cast shadows take it to the next level!