Friday, April 13, 2012


Working on #3. I really like the little girl and the dog, and of course the seagull yelling for more fish! The sky is coming along and when thats done, sigh, more sand. I'm resigned.
I took a break from the beadwork and made some jewelry for the shop. Had some fun working with the abalone, it is such a beautiful shell, nature at it's best!

Met a new beader ( Miri Agassi ) via the web who is from Israel.This is her blog. She does some really cool jewelry and writes about all things beadwork. It really is exciting to be part of the international bead world. So weird how that wouldn't have been possible awhile back...


  1. Thank you Kate for mentioning my blog(s). Your work is stunning. I love the colors of this 3d river. The jewelry is beautiful too.
    As you said, It is exciting to be a part of the global bead world. I am grateful for the Internet that opened a new world to me, and gave me opportunity to meet talent bead artists. Anyway, I am glad I met you :)

  2. You are amazing. When I saw your profile picture I had to look. What an amazing talented and creative person you are!!!! Thank you for sharing Greetings from Australia.

  3. Thanks guys, you are very kind. I'm so happy to be chatting around the world and looking at all the wonderful art out there!

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