Thursday, June 28, 2012


It's been a crazy couple of weeks.We've had out of town company so there has been fishing, beach combing and even gold panning. The bead table is in a controlled chaos state, three different projects going on at once. This is Coco, a dog portrait order. She has been a real challenge, she's brown with a brown nose, brown eyes, and even a brown collar. This is my third try, the first was hopeless, in the second one she looked like a yak, but this one is turning out okay. The second order is these Tlingit lovebirds for motorcycle gloves.The pattern is from the customers family so I don't have to sweat the design, just do the beading. Sometimes that easier.
Finally, I'm working on some more seagulls for my series. Found a old copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull that I've been wanting to re-read but can't seem to find the time. And it's a short book!

I'm so loving doing all the seagulls! It's fun to be excited about your projects. Of course it doesn't always correspond with how others feel about your work.  I sent an application off to the Juneau Museum for a solo show there. I didn't get it, just can't seem to break into the museum scene. Maybe the beadwork doesn't fit the criteria. Oh well, I'll keep trying...


  1. You know I think your work is amazing, but beading the pooch is so unbelievably perfect. Your shading really captures your model.

  2. Kate, I am speechless..what was the Museum thinking? How could anyone turn down your beadwork? Unbelievable! They just don't get it! Well.....the poodle is beautiful, I had to laugh at the Yak comment...and I love your "Seagull" series...can't wait to see your next piece. I will forever be your fan young lady!!! Hope your summer is going well, sounds like its been busy. Hope to stop by your Gallery one of these days. Until then, Happy Beading!!

  3. Well, the company went home, Robert went for a hike up a mountain and I was able to sit in the sun and read Jonathan Livingston Seagull. It only took about an hour. I remember liking it as a teenager and this second read was just a gentle reminder to be tolerant and kind to all. His flying is like my beading...

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