Thursday, October 11, 2012

10 11 12

Today is 10 11 12. I wonder how many times something like this happens. You always hear about numerology, I'm sure this must have some kind of story to be told about it. It feels like a pretty ordinary day to me. I've been working on a couple of new necklaces. I bought these most beautiful beads. A gorgeous strand Citrine and two exquisite stands of Labradorite. They inspired me, I love beads.  I'm very partial to the gray tones and think that just silver and gold beads work well to show them off.  Here are the necklaces I came up with to complement their wonderfulness.  


  1. Love the bag, Gig was raving about it today when I stopped by the Bead store. And you know I love feathers!!! Heard you were working on your next show...I know it will all be beautiful as usual. Do you have a theme this year?

  2. Just beautiful. The feathers are amazing!!!!

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