Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 Thought I'd put up the bags now that they are completely finished.We attempted something different with these bags. On the back we've added i pad pockets.They are lined with  gorgeous, soft neoprene to keep the electronics safe. I say we, because my wonderful and talented husband Robert does the majority of the leather sewing. This (of course) is the best because I really rather be beading. I use to do it all but then when we got this sewing machine, he liked it because it was such a piece of equipment. The motor is huge! Anyway, I'm always showing pictures of the bead table so here's a shot of the leather sewing machine. I'm really happy with the new pockets, should be interesting to see how well they go over...
back zipper pocket


  1. Looks like you got the right machine; this is coming from a retired upholstery seamstress.

  2. It also appears you've got the "right" husband! how cool to work on ventures together. Of course, your beading is wonderful!!