Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Okay, it's down to the wire. Two weeks from today I get on the plane and head off to Santa Fe and then, hopefully sell the beadwork. I've been preparing for a year. If you are around the area on August 15,16,17,18th I'll be at the  Eldorado in the concord. The nerves are starting to kick in, I love doing what I do but the selling part, not so much...   p.s. thank you for everyones input on the leopard, I went with the majority and used a softer sun.


  1. Kate both bags are stunning, but the leopard is just magnificent!!
    good luck in Santa Fe, I know you will do well, you always do. Wish I had seen the Leopard in person. You are my Idol!!! Safe Journey my friend!!

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