Monday, December 16, 2013


The hummingbird piece of beadwork is done! This piece will be the front flap of a suitcase bag, and now I'll start on the side panels. They are going to have sitting hummingbirds and probably a fushia for the flowers. I haven't designed the sides yet so if you have any suggestion on the type of flowers please chime in. Thanks again for your opinions on using the "B" hummingbird.
The back ground blue is such a gorgeous color. I bought those during our Anchorage trip (at the Alaska Bead Company) and wish I had gotten more than one hank. The name of the bead is capri opal. I think it has a very old fashion feel to it and love the contrast with the reds!


  1. Beautiful...just beautiful!!!!

  2. Thank you! I'm think columbine for the flowers now...

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