Monday, February 10, 2014


Today I realized that it's time to dive in to another big project. I have really been enjoying working on some small items like stringing some necklaces and these cuff bracelets. It's relaxing to work on things that don't need much thought or intricate detail. But now I have another suitcase bag order to fill. It's for a customer in Italy (which is very cool) but she wants it by the end of May. If I start now, that will give me just enough time to get it done. So back to the design table and then on to beading butterflies. Yes another butterfly bag, what can I say, they are very popular...


  1. Cuffs are amazing! They still look like they require detail work!! Just beautiful.

  2. Thanks Robbie! How are you doing?

  3. I am laughing at what you call "small projects". Many years ago, I began doing leather work as a break from the slow intricate pace of beadwork. I still love my beads (and always will) but sometimes it's nice to complete something quickly. These days, I have to carve out time for "big projects" like beaded cuts.

    LOL, I guess whether it's a "big" project or a "quick" one is all a matter of perspective :)