Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Spring has sprung and the motorhomes are showing up at the pull off. They take pictures of the inlet sunsets and snow capped volcanoes, then glance over and see that we are still closed… So we decided to put a fresh coat of paint on the gallery, always a good way to start the season. We flipped the colors on the display boxes. Last year I thought that the black on the inside would be good but it turned out to just sap all the light, so now it's white inside/black outside. I like it. The upper part is still unfinished, total chaos, but we are getting there. Then, just a good window washing, set things up and price everything, hang the signs and we are open for business. May 1st! I always feel so much energy this time of year. P.S. here's the little hummingbird that did not make the cut for the big suitcase bag. Now he's going to be a little postcard bag...


  1. I was just talking about your book 'BlueBead' to an antique dealer the other day!!! My grand daughter loved your book. And the hummingbird is lovely!!!

  2. Thanks Robbie! I love that your granddaughter likes the book!