Sunday, March 8, 2015


This morning when I was laying in bed, waiting to fully wake up, the radio was on. The news story was talking about May 8th being International Woman's Day. I had never heard of it, so many occasions out there, but to celebrate I thought I would throw my two cents in to the blog. Woman are great, right. Yesterday I had the pleasure of teaching a beadwork class at Gigs and it was a really fun day of hanging with the fairer sex. Everyone was enthusiastic, some funny, some serious and the day flew by with good stories and the bracelet projects getting well underway. Recently my good friend Angela moved away and although my wonderful husband is my best friend I have been missing the girlfriend thing. The class was a smorgasbord of woman gab and truly a welcome experience! Thank you to everyone who came and Happy International Woman's Day.
s Day!


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