Friday, April 17, 2015


Right now I've got quite a few projects going at once. The big brown leather bag that Robert made is for computers and iPads  and such. I'm thinking of printing some words on there, the extra leather is example of how it would look. Do you like that or just plain? What would be a good thing to print? I was thinking WABI SABI but really it's all up in the air. Then the bracelet on the yellow cloth needs lazy stitch but I'm procrastinating because it's made out of sting ray hide which is very hard to sew through. Really neat looking leather though, all bumpy. (kind of looks like beads) I have finished the wolf and the seagulls. I was going for an all black and white piece and using the black velvet as negative space. Now it needs to be made into a bag. And finally the 14 butterflies bag, really in the beginning phase and won't be done for awhile. I did finish one thing, my little chickadee cuff and it sold right away. The gallery wasn't open but I let the customer in and it was my first sale of the season!
The gallery officially opens May first but I'm ready so if you see me sewing in the window stop by...
And Robert washed the outside of the windows for me!!!


  1. Love the cuff!!! And, of course, ALL your work!!!

  2. Thanks Robbie! I love the chickadees at the feeders so it was an easy pick. Maybe I'll do a nuthatch next.

    1. Found this as a pin on Pinterest. I love it! The colors all work so well together and I adore Chickadees!

  3. The edge finishing you do is beautiful! There is so much to see in your work. Once I've checked out the main body, my eye is drawn to the designs in your edge bindings. I always look forward to your posts and pictures!

  4. Wow, this is so inspirational!! You are so creative my friend. I agree that there is so much to see in your work. Eagerly looking forward to see more work!! Hey, why don’t you participate in the upcoming art event at the local gallery space for rent NYC!

  5. Your work is wonderful! Do you have an Etsy store or a website?


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