Saturday, February 13, 2016


So the weirdest thing just happen. I went to post my valentines post to facebook and blogger sent the link but put up some mystery beadwork picture. Very strange? I deleted it and I will try again. Hearts and flowers to all! These little pieces are designed as passport bags. I came up with the idea because I was asked to put on a workshop in August in Homer for

 I looked into them and they travel the world doing these bead adventures. The Czech Republic, Italy, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia! I thought passport bags would be just the ticket. It looks like they have a wonderful trip planned for their Alaskan beadventure and putting on the workshop at Gig's Beads and Things is going to be a blast. If you love beadwork and have always wanted to see Alaska you should check out their website.Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. So just curious, since I can't get to Homer for a class! Where did you find the passport holders at so you could bead them or did you just make your own?

    1. Hi Robbie! How are you? Hope all is well. As usual, I thought up the idea, discussed with my husband and he made up a couple of prototypes until we decided on one. We had to order the hardware but Robert does all my leatherwork. I know, I'm very lucky!

  2. Yours are lovely by the way!!!!

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