Friday, July 1, 2016


Took a little trip to Anchorage and on a perfectly sunny summer day we walked around downtown and enjoyed the ambience of the big city. We were on 5th ave so Robert and I stopped into the Egan Center lobby where, an artwork that has been a favorite of mine for 25 years, is located. Beaded Sky Curtain by Jeanne Leffingwell,  YES, IT IS MADE OUT OF SEED BEADS! I haven't been there in quite awhile and I thought it was very cool the way the trees have grown up around the curtain. 
I know how hard it can be to capture the northern lights in beads. This is a stellar example of just that!
my version of northern lights with junk car.


  1. Seed beads! beautiful....just flows so lovely doesn't it!!

    1. Yes, and the lighting always changes so it has many different looks.