Sunday, January 13, 2019


Looking through some boxes under the floor (our storage space) and came on this photo of my Oprah bag.  At one point in my long career I thought the key to being successful was to have a famous person carry one of my bags. I want to say somewhere around 1995-2005, giving myself lots of leeway because I really can't remember. Anyway, I sent the bag to Oprah, with no luck, no fame, just a form letter. I use to wonder who really wound up with the bag and then I just forgot about it. I'm just revisiting this because I found the picture but I do think that there is a moral to the story. Nothing wrong with trying a bold move in your marketing. Nothing wrong with the long haul of endless sewing and putting in the work. And nothing wrong with nothing coming of any of it. Really, now I realize the joy of doing the art is a life well lived.


  1. WOW...I can't believe you didn't hear from her or her 'folks'....perhaps, no one even showed it to Oprah! And they kept it's beautiful....but we know about your wonderful work and that's what counts!!