Saturday, April 17, 2010

Almost gone but causing trouble

Screech! Crash! Tail lights upside down in the dark night. Oh no! A truck laying upside down in the ditch across the street. Spring is here, but it comes in spurts and sputs, one day  it snows and then it rains and then it sunshines and then people get reckless, thinking its safe dry pavement and then, crash, boom, bang. First time I've ever dialed 911.  Boots on, Robert and I head over to the pull off with a flashlight hoping not to see a gory scene. My heart is pounding.We here pounding, the guy is trying to kick out the windshield. "Get me out of here dude." The door is stuck, yarding on it, it comes loose. Another car pulls up. A woman gets out. The guy stands, blood on his hand. "Are you alright?"  The lady from the new car is whispering with him, they try and turn the truck headlights off to no avail, then get in her car and drive off, saying nothing more. Leaving the dead truck with it's lights on, crumpled, upside down, spring snow coming down. An owl flies over silently, then flashing lights come down the road.  We tell the police, he left.

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