Monday, March 29, 2010

Sewing while visiting family in the lower 48

Hello, yes, still on the road. Decided not to put up any pictures of the family visit, at the beach, bike riding , birthdays and such, and stick with the at the bead table theme. It's been raining and hailing with lots of thunder and lighting thrown in, so I have been getting some sewing done. Heres a picture  of the eagles piece I'm working on.

You can see it in it's half done stage. Two thickness of wool felt stretched on a hoop. Then the picture I've drawn is rubber cemented to the felt. Using the couching method ( One needle is double threaded and the beads are strung on that. Then you use a second needle to lock down every two or three beads, going over the double thread. ) I bead right over the paper to make the beaded picture. Of course the better your design, the better the beadwork. There are always some changes you make and things like you can't find a bead color to do what you were thinking of, but those all pan out in the end.

The canyon will really pop ( I hope ) when the black beads are in, and give the piece some good depth. Turquoise sky and wala! Another done deal...Will post it when its a finished purse.


  1. Hehe I remember when I was little and you guys were teaching me about that stuff :-) It looks super cool, beautiful work :-)

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