Sunday, March 7, 2010


  Well, this is the end of the story. I'll be gone for awhile and when I come back I'll have "The Blue Bead" as a full color, paperback book (size 8 1/2 by 11) for sale. Hope you enjoyed the preview, thanks for coming to the blog and all your lovely comments!

Maggie sat at the table, drinking a cold glass of milk, watching the moose in her yard. Her journal was open in front of her.
"Had a great day. Grandma really liked her purse. She saw the blue bead and got caught up in telling stories from when she was a girl. She said Raven stole a bead just like the one I gave her, and then maybe a fish ate it! I don't think so! I read in my history books that those beads were made in Bohemia in the 1700s. So how did it get here, it's a mystery."
Yawning, starting to feel sleeply, she closed her journal and shut off the lights. Under the covers her mind wandered, and she started to plan her next piece of beadwork. A raven came to mind.


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