Saturday, March 6, 2010


Getting close to the end of the tale of the blue bead. Let's see what happens...
At Grandmother's potlatch birthday celebration, people crowded around with food and presents. Her eyes lit up with pride when she opened the plain brown box from Maggie and held up the purse. "the sewing is good," she said, nodding, taking note of the even stitching. She saw the large cobalt bead dangling from the leather fringe.
"Reminds me of a story," she said. Everyone loved Grandmother's stories, and they crowded around to hear. "When I was a girl, we were having a potlatch just like this one. Everyone brought food and gifts. I had my eye on a deerskin bag with blue beads, just like this one. Just as we were giving gifts, Raven came down from the sky and snatched a blue bead right off  the bag!"
Everyone gasped."And then what happened?" someone asked Grandmother."And then nothing. That trickster Raven took the bead for his own. For all I know he flew around the world with it seven times and dropped it in my granddaughter's hand! For all I know, he dropped it into the sea and a fish ate it!" That made everyone laugh to think that one bead could travel the water, earth, and sky.

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