Thursday, July 29, 2010


Well, I really never wanted to talk about the weather in this blog, but the frustrating summer we are having is working my last nerve! It's raining right now, and has been raining all month. We set a record for rainfall. When you live in Alaska you find that  during the long winter months you dream about the sunny summer to come, it's a really a downer when the sun doesn't show up... So, I put up my still life jacket, it kind of fits my mood. Floating sunglasses that don't need use, the butterfly that is hiding inside, and in general an abstract feeling. Through the looking glass and hopefully out the other side to a sunny day...


  1. You have rain, we have heat..some days temp has been higher here than in florida! go figure!! Hope the rain subsides the jacket and beading!!! So glad you showed it!!

  2. whenever I have to work its beautiful and sometimes, literally, as I leave my work it starts raining . . .