Wednesday, November 3, 2010


This is a story of a well meaning nature lover who was trying to rescue a hurt bee. Unfortunately while transferring the injured insect (who was resting on her raven bag ) she tripped and fell into a rock wall. The bee didn't make it and the raven bag took a bad blow. So the bag is back on the table being remade. You wouldn't think that I would have to take the whole thing apart but I do. You have to undo the lazy stitch to get to the back of the beadwork. Today I carefully undid all portions of the beadwork that were broken, backing out lots of threads to make them long enough to tie knots. Tomorrow I will rebuild the birds wings. Not to bad, right?                                                                        The problem is you can not do the lazy stitch on a purse that is assembled, you can't, I've tried. ( not to mention the lining.) It has to be on a flat piece of leather. So the whole purse has to be remade. This happens sometimes. The owner has request a beaded bee be sewn into the lining which I think is a wonderful idea. A memorial. It all goes toward the idea that these bags are meaningful heirlooms but also they are to be used everyday and then, if need bee, (lol) repaired...


  1. Certainly, a good word of warning to NEW owners of your beaded bags. I admire your re-building stamina, as I absolutely HATE repair work. It usually doesn't get done--ever!

  2. Good golly! what a story! I think the story also needs to be written and tucked inside the purse!! Good luck on the repair...

  3. Love the story, Love your work, and WOW what a great mate you have to do your leather work. You are so special Kate, I wish you would write an autobiography. Call it Bead Special, or A Beady Life, LOL, complete with all of your work, and journeys. Lots of Love and Kindness, Lynette

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