Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Well, only one more day before we start gaining some daylight hours. It's after 9 am and it is still pitch black out. These short winter days make me feel less productive, or maybe it's all the the holiday sweets I've been consuming. Sugar Blues... But I've got all my packages sent, cards mailed , presents wrapped and now I can get back to the bead table. Had to take some beadwork out on this one,(one of my least favorite things to do). I had drawn in a boat on the river and when I beaded it, it looked stupid, so I had to rip stitches, pull threads, tie knots and start over. Now I'm working on the endless sand, oh so boring. The sky will be so much fun by comparison. I need some little elves to come in the night and finish the beach for me...


  1. What a wonderful piece!!! But then all your work is wonderful!! You are my idol for sure!! Happy Holidays!

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  2. Remember Robert and David freezing doing this in jeans? Gorgeous beading!

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