Sunday, March 3, 2013


So here are the finished wall pockets. I hemmed and hawed on how to make them. Finally I ordered some salmon skins for the the back pieces and used neoprene, (the material that all the fishermans waders are made out of) for the lining, which in my mind tied it all together. While I was putting them together I kept saying I'm in whip stitch hell. This was way, way, way to much whip stitch to do all at once! Using the same colors and pattern on all three helped the continuity though and in the end the whip stitch hell payed off...


  1. I wanted to add this address for the salmon skin hides, they come in lots of colors and are really very cool.

  2. What beautiful bead work you do!! Just came over cuz I see you visited my blog. Just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU for including my blog to your blog list. Find it interesting that you live in Alaska. Beautiful land you have there. I live in northern WI which also suffers from long winters but beautiful wildness as well. Winters are not nearly as long as you but I can feel your pain a little. Nice to meet you. Again beautiful bead work....Thanks again Susan