Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Last piece of the puzzle on my "Our Lady of the Pond and her cat Bob" piece.  I went a little crazy. It started with the idea of a turtle dress, and then gold turtle earrings, a turtle head band and a swimming turtle. Fun to just relax with a no pressure/ not an order piece. So I need your opinions, what color should the pond water be? Do you like the pale blues on the left or the clear turquoise shades on the right?


  1. If you use the pale blue, the bright green of the leaves will pop. If you use the clear turquoise, it will compete with the bright green. I think you have a lot going on in this composition and the pale blue is calming—it's my favorite.

  2. The ones n the right, catch my eye, over and over. Beauteous, creativity!