Sunday, February 28, 2010


Taking a break from  "The Blue Bead" 
I was perusing the blogs and saw one about skeletons. I thought, I love skeletons, there is something so edgy about them. Then, I just had to say something about my skeletons, it turns out I have beaded many, many skulls. So is the nature of blogging  just some sort of self gratification?  Or, are we out to learn about and meet others, share interests and explore.  A bit of both I suspose. But, if I am honest with myself,  I really would love for some people to just see my skeletons... 


  1. This is, maybe, one of my MOST favorite of your bags... I love skullies too!

  2. I am currently in love with a felted baby bear skull I found out reading blogs (google images / felt art) very nice- Your skeltons are looking to lunch out and make a scene me thinks- Your site is fabulous, thanks for sharing.

    Jukebox Joni