Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Ready to go down the rabbit hole with a beautiful blue glass trade bead? Intrigued? Let's follow the blue bead as it makes it's way from Bohemia in the 1700s to the bead table in present day Alaska...

  Maggie surveyed the table, a beam of late afternoon sun illuminating the brilliant beads she was using to make her grandmother's purse. Silver lined orange coral tangled up with pale, greasy yellow. Hanks of cut-glass black lay next to rose white-hearts, crystal clear iridescent, metallic gold, and medium cool blue satin. 
  Just then, she heard the screen door slam shut. Maggie's mom bent down to kiss her daughter, then reached in her pocket and pulled out a small square of neatly folded white deerhide. "Something special from the junk store," she said, handing it to Maggie.
"Oh, Mom!" Maggie exclaimed, as she unfolded the soft leather revealing a large, deep-cobalt blue bead. It glowed in Maggie's hand, smooth as old beach glass. "Perfect for Grandma's purse!" It looks so old, I wonder where it came from?"


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