Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So the hunter really likes his beads. We can relate to that! He thought the blue one was his good luck charm, until his luck ran out...
The old man's face wore the weather, deep lines etched around his eyes where he squinted from the sun. He was tired, traveling for weeks now up river, searching for copper and gold. As he trudged along the river bank, a giant bear lunged suddenly from the brush. Using his spear, he fought bravely. The bear danced savagely with the old man, got bored, and wandered off.
"Ah! I will die from these wounds!"the old man cried, collapsing.
The pungent odor of brewing plants struck him first, then the pain opened his eyes. A young Athabascan woman met his gaze. Taking pity on him, she tended his wounds.
Grateful for her kindness, upon leaving camp, the old man gave the woman his treasured bead necklace, featuring a bead of deep cobalt blue.

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